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KayaGrandi 96

KayaGrandi 96


Property Description


This well maintained detached building offers a large reception area with waiting space.
Adjacent the reception area 2 spacious double office spaces and a big conference room. Furthermore a bathroom fitted with shower, washbasin and toilet and a kitchen with appliances.
The building also houses a studio apartment with kitchen and bathroom which is currently rented. This apartment can very well serve as additional commercial space.
The premises offer ample parking space.

Property Details

  • Price:$445,000
  • Building year: N/A
  • Bedrooms: N/A
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Sqft. lot: 6,727
  • Sqft. object: 2,422


  • Very good location
  • Close to the town centre
  • Great commercial potential as for instance doctor’s practice or office.