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Bolivia 1

Bolivia 1


Property Description

What is the most important factor when choosing a property to buy? Of course, it's location !! The location here is unique and spectacular. Living off the grid, surrounded by nature and having a development plan for this area are all factors that will assure that this property will soon reside within one of the most beautiful and sought after locations on Bonaire.
Driving on the road to Rincon you will see the Caribbean Sea at the highest point of the hill (above Kunuku Arawak). At that spot you go to the right and will immediately see this lot. It is the first lot of Bolivia. 4047 m2 of private property with ocean view. It is not permitted to parcel out, to build more than one house, to build higher than 6 meters, to build nearer than 15 meters to the cliff (but the infinity pool can be there!) , to build on more than 25% of the lot or to park your car in front of the house on the main street. These regulations (and some more) are necessary to keep the area looking as beautiful and naturalistic as possible!
If you love nature, silence, style and a gorgeous view this is the location to buy...and only 4 kilometers from Seru Largu, 5 kilometers from Bona Bista and 6 kilometers from Kaya Korona !!

Property Details

  • Price:$125,000
  • Building year: N/A
  • Bedrooms: N/A
  • Bathrooms: N/A
  • Sqft. lot: 43,561
  • Sqft. object: N/A


  • Private Property