Background - Bonaire

Why live on Bonaire?

Honestly we do not get this question a lot, people looking for real estate and/or to buy a house on Bonaire already found out.

The combination of the great Caribbean weather all year long, like 77°F to 86°F with always a nice breeze, the absence of hurricanes and the stunning beauty of the sea is often a first trigger. The turquoise warm sea is beautiful to see from the shore or a boat, though the real beauty is found under water. Bonaire is quite so often mentioned as one of the top 3 best dive locations on the globe. And diving on Bonaire is not only beautiful, it is surprisingly easy with very limited currents and the majority of the >75 dive sites can be reached from the shore; again, easy as can be!

On top of that there is a laid back mentality, with true friendliness of the local people and OK, the nice tax regime doesn’t hurt either.

Then… people start looking at the properties, the views of the azure blue sea, the pool and start to realize owning their own piece of paradise is often within reach as the prices here did not go silly (yet). Property number one is perfect though wait, the second house for sale is even better and so on. A house with a private pool overlooking the Caribbean sea where it is summer all year long. Palm trees and cocktails, no noisy neighbours; like a permanent vacation. Or maybe, working from home can also be done from abroad; did you know that over 60% of the properties on Bonaire already have fiber to the home internet up to 100Mbps entering their home? Bonaire is quickly moving up to become the pearl of the Caribbean, now you understand why we have so many realtors and people that are looking to buy a property here!

Moving here is pretty easy if you are from the USA of Holland, though we also have for example a few thousand Canadians living here, you see; one big happy family. Online there is a lot of information available from the Dutch IND (immigration and naturalisation) that explains the steps you need to take to become a resident. On the other side, many people live here only 6 months a year, they are bridging the cold winters in their second house on Bonaire while maintaining their current home and status, no immigration process needed, just a yearly long vacation in their own second home.

Anyway, many start looking at properties for sale online to come up with an action plan/target list to buy a house. Now, there are quite some realtors on the island and some are quite hard to find and/or did not invest in a dynamic website. Off course you want to make sure you’ve seen all options if you are planning to buy a house; maybe the one realtor you missed has exactly your property in his portfolio.

That’s why there is Buy House Bonaire! All properties offered combined on one website, at your service!