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Selling your home

For many homeowners selling their home can be a life changing event. Add to that that it often only happens a few times in their lifetime and there is a lot of money involved then you understand that it is important to get it right. Selling a house seems easier then selling your home. Hence many sellers often outsource this to someone who does not have such emotions to it, specialist, a realtor. A realtor offers to guide the whole process from A to Z, knows the way on the island and takes any potential stress away. So yes, for sellers a realtor has an important function.

A realtor gets pictures taken from the most favourable angles of your house, gathers all needed information and creates a nice sales brochure and add. They come up with a balanced target and asking price, discuss their approach and also very important, sets expectations. The gathered information is published online on their website, and if you’re lucky you will even get a premium spot on their store window too. They arrange for the viewings and are known with any waterproof contracts in case success is in the air. For realtors the price negotiating are a lot easier without the emotional connection the seller has, they know what is needed to close a deal. From there on they laisse with the notary preventing any possible surprises on the day the property passes, A to Z it is.

Some realtors monthly create like a glossy full colour magazine offering all houses in their portfolio and have it distributed at the local supermarkets. This is getting a bit outdated in this day and age; quite some properties are sold before the magazine even leaves the printer though it does certainly serve its purpose and probably draw potential buyers to their office, ready to suggest them a nice alternative.

Nowadays the majority of the searching is done online. For potential buyers it’s so easy to keep up with any new arrivals to the property market online from their lazy chair, No more a trip to the realtor or awaiting a call or email from their office. Also as quite some potential buyers are not residents of Bonaire (yet), online is the way to go to keep up with the new offerings from abroad. Now some of the realtors on Bonaire have a very nice up to date website and some sites are less. Some are easy to find where for others you have to dig a bit deeper online. Off course any buyer like to make sure they have the complete overview of all the offerings on beautiful Bonaire, not to miss out on the little hidden gem with their name on it. What if they would start bidding on second best?

Hence there is Buy House Bonaire; a website that offers/shows all known houses for sale, daily updated and captured in one overview. It’s not that Buy House Bonaire is selling any of these houses, it’s like a big online showroom with the offerings of all realtors on Bonaire. Like the MLS listing in de US and Canada and/or the Funda website in The Netherlands.