Building - Bonaire

Building on Bonaire

If you’ve been visiting Bonaire for several years you must have noticed there is building going on everywhere. This time it’s not just residential areas like Sabadeco that are expanding once again, also some huge commercial projects are kicking off. Chogogo is building a beautiful brand new resort at the Hato roundabout, the Delfins resort has entered the next phase with new builds after opening their doors in January 2018. Now a new club called Ocean Oasis opened on Bonaire and maybe at first is seems like an odd location to start a bar/club down at the very south point of Punt Vierkant . Though also there we can expect more to come. The owner plans on building a proper golf course with off course a hi-end resort to house the golfers.

Then soon there is the build of the new Crown Parc Resort up north in Sabadeco; another resort and this time not at the preferred beautiful Bonaire shoreline. This resort focusses on wellness, well, it’s wellness and residence what they offer. So yes, there will be houses for sale here too. This will be the first sauna facility on the island and with their pools, yoga and so on. But not only that; they even offer plastic surgery. What is better then leaving the island all relaxed and …with a brand new nose!

Now, why is all this important when you are looking at entering the real estate market on Bonaire? What if you are not looking at buying a house though a plot of land instead? If you have plans to build your dream house today then it’s unlikely you will find a builder that has time for you in at least a year. And if they do then there is probably a good reason for it as you probably pay way more then you should do. Do not forget that Bonaire is on “Island Time”; fixed starting and finishing dates are often nothing more then a hollow confirmation of the wish of the client, again, Island Time, part of the charm they say.

What you can also read between the lines is that Bonaire is moving up fast! Getting a hi-end spa facility, their very classy golf course and so on. Bonaire is more and more becoming the pearl of the Caribbean. With unlimited beauty under water, friendly people, a ban on the ugly high buildings, a good infrastructure and being located out of any hurricane alley it’s like THE sunny and cozy village to be.

So is buying a house/property or any real estate on Bonaire a good idea? We definitely believe it is. We expect the real estate prices to go up with the quality of the island. For now real estate is still affordable; time will tell.

Don’t forget there is a reason there are so many realtors on small Bonaire!