Background - Bonaire

Bonaire: The Dutch Caribbean Island

Are you considering purchasing a property in Bonaire? Well, congratulations! The beautiful and serene island of Bonaire is truly a nature lover’s paradise populated by friendly folks. Surrounded by the crystal blue Caribbean, it’s a natural watersports haven. The superb weather and sea conditions offer amazing swimming, snorkeling, diving, and a simple beach relaxing.

Introducing Bonaire

Known as the world leader in environmental conservation, this place safeguards and preserves its precious wild and sea life. Its remarkable coral reefs are a haven for a plethora of sea creatures. What’s more, 146 species of birds, including the unique Lora and famous flamingo are living proof of the integrity in island conservation.

Bonaire is one of the six islands, which create the unique Caribbean part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Bonaire becomes a unique municipality of The Netherlands in 2010 together with sister islands Saba and St. Eustatius. Since then, investments are on rising and are anticipated to continue doing so.

Excellent air connections along with Latin America, Europe, and the USA improve life on the island and support a healthy flow of travelers to the island. Most of the inhabitants here are multi-lingual, speaking Spanish, Papiamentu, and Dutch.

Top Reasons Why Bonaire Rocks

  • Free Health Care
  • After you become a legal resident on Bonaire, you’ll get your island identification card, referred to as sedula. After you have it, you’re qualified for the Dutch Health Care System presented at no cost to residents of the islands.

    The good thing here is that the health care system of Bonaire has been upgraded and now the island provides great health care after it became a municipality of The Netherlands.

  • Small Yet Friendly Island
  • Even though the population of Bonaire has grown steadily in the past years, and now hovers approximately 20,000 inhabits, the smiling and friendly faces of the people who live here have not changed at all.

  • Summer All-Year-Round
  • You don’t need to worry about ice, snow, or driving in slush. Indeed, you get some days a year when you have heavy rains and yes, some seasonal tropical storm. However, most days, the weather is just magnificent.

  • Manifold of Activities and Events Will Keep You Busy
  • Many folks, when they first move to Bonaire want to do and see everything. For those, there is no scarce of activities that you can enjoy when living on the island. With its stable population growth, activities, clubs, and events have expanded too.

    If you want to go to concerts, you will find much nightlife and special interest groups like chess club and some historical, educational, and cultural activities as well.

    For some folks, the simple life of Bonaire is enough, and you are free to pursue that. Other prefers to live in the kunuku, also known as farm area, while some prefer a local neighborhood in which to reside. Yet, some want a villa or condominium on the shore. No matter what the style you want to have, it can be enjoyed on the island.

  • Religious Services
  • For an island with a very small population, Bonaire has variety in religious services, and each denomination will welcome you into their own community. You see, services are held in a wide array of languages such as English, Dutch, and Papiamentu. Most new arrivals on the island will attend the services of various churches before seeking the one they feel is best fitted to their needs.

  • Nature at its Best
  • No matter where on Bonaire you prefer to live, you are only minutes away from a remarkable nature spot. Enjoying your preferred sport in the waters of the island or just relaxing at the shoreline is a wonderful way to spend your day.

  • Finding a Home
  • After you make your decision to move to Bonaire, you will need to begin thinking about either searching a home or creating one. In most cases, you will find a lot of wonderful turnkey properties, most with furnishings covered, waiting for the ideal person to say, “this will be my new home!”

    To find your ideal dream home, you can use “Buy House Bonaire” that makes it easy to discover all the available real estate on the island. After you found your home or lots, one of the proficient realtors of Bonaire will guide you in buying your home or lots on the island. Also, they could help you with all facets of becoming a homeowner. Should you decide to create your own dream home, this website could also help you with searching and buying the ideal lot.

    Should you decide to construct rather than buying a current home, you’ll need to look for an architect to create your blueprints and find the ideal builder to build your home a reality.

    When it comes to purchasing an existing lot or home, transactions are managed by one of the two Notaries of Bonaire. They are called locally as Notaris.

All in all, Bonaire is surely one of those places you could visit every year and never grow tired of.