Why live on Bonaire?

Honestly we do not get this question a lot, people looking for real estate and/or to buy a house on Bonaire already found out. The combination of the great Caribbean weather all year long, like 77°F to 86°F with always a nice breeze, the absence of hurricanes and the stunning beauty of the sea is often a first trigger. The turquoise warm sea is beautiful to see from the shore or a boat, though the real beauty is found under water. Bonaire is quite so often mentioned as one of the ... Read more

Selling on Bonaire

Selling your home

For many homeowners selling their home can be a life changing event. Add to that that it often only happens a few times in their lifetime and there is a lot of money involved then you understand that it is important to get it right. Selling a house seems easier then selling your home. Hence many sellers often outsource this to someone who does not have such emotions to it, specialist, a realtor. A realtor offers to guide the whole process from A to Z, knows the way on the island and takes a... Read more

Background - Bonaire

Bonaire: The Dutch Caribbean Island

Are you considering purchasing a property in Bonaire? Well, congratulations! The beautiful and serene island of Bonaire is truly a nature lover’s paradise populated by friendly folks. Surrounded by the crystal blue Caribbean, it’s a natural watersports haven. The superb weather and sea conditions offer amazing swimming, snorkeling, diving, and a simple beach relaxing. Introducing Bonaire Known as the world leader in environmental conservation, this place safeguards and ... Read more

Getting to Bonaire - Travel

How to get to Bonaire

Bonaire is an Island that is blessed with a breathtaking beauty of nature, which is perfect for you to relax and feel the ambiance of peace. There are so many activities that you can do just like snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing and so on. Also, this island is recognized as the number one shore diving destination in the Caribbean and voted as number one for beginner diving. So, if you are planning to experience the nature of Bonaire and to enjoy your day by doing exciting activities on t... Read more